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Recruitment Executive

A talent acquisition company is looking to hire a recruiter to work full time from their office based in Opera House, Mumbai.

Job Description:

  1. Talent Acquisition, Candidate Sourcing, Headhunting, Company Mapping, Recruiting Coordination.
  2. Should Possess excellent knowledge of recruiting and hiring processes including sourcing, interviewing, reference checking, tracking, salary negotiations, and closing.
  3. Experienced in identifying Professionals at all levels across various technologies.
  4. Pre screen candidates with detailed telephonic screening; evaluate candidates compatibility with specific job requirements, ensuring a right fit prior to submission to client.
  5. Experience in handling multiple skill sets. An efficient key player in challenging & creative environments with excellent capacity to adapt to new technologies and skills.

    *Thi is a fulltime Job Opportunity in Mumbai.
  • Qualification:

    2 years of recruitment experience.

  • Job Type:


  • Salary:

    2.5-3 lakhs pa

  • Location:

    Opera House, Mumbai, - Mumbai , Maharashtra , India

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