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Relaunch Your Career After a Break

Many people take a career break at some point, either willingly or unwillingly, to raise children, care for relatives, for further education, or even because they were laid off. Deepa Chandrasekaran, the founder and CEO of Engage2Transform, will be our special guest this week. She will address how to confidently resume your work after a break. Bring your questions, and leave with some enthusiasm!

About Speakers
1) Deepa Chandrasekaran - She is the founder and CEO of Engage2Transform. As a Career Acceleration Expert, she helps leaders find joy & purpose in their careers leading to self and organization’s growth!

After having worked with large MNCs for over 2 decades, she found her calling in being an entrepreneur in 2017 that led her to quit the corporate world and start her own consultancy Engage2Transform.

She takes pride in being the author of the book “Career Accelerator Formula”, where she talks about a step-by-step process to overcome roadblocks in career and life and learn skills like time management, branding, networking, influencing, self-discipline to keep moving forward at an accelerated pace!

She believes that there are no limits to what we can create, and the only roadblock to creating the life of our dreams is our own thoughts and beliefs. Once we understand and overcome our own blocks, it’s a smooth ride to success and joy!

2) Neha Shah - Co-Founder at QWEEN
An independent girl since the age of 16, Neha spent her early years in NYC. After graduating from Baruch College, (City University of NY), having specialized in Finance and Accounting she worked with various corporate like GE, Phoenix Realty Group, BNP Paribas etc. in the Finance Sector. This early exposure to some of the most renowned corporations brought her face to face with the acute gender disparity in Indian Corporate culture, and she wished to bring equal opportunities dreams into reality. She always had a sense of social responsibility at her heart, and she would often volunteer to take care of terminally ill patients as well as spend time mentoring
at Light House foundation. Having tasted the fruits of satisfaction while helping the not so fortunate early on in her life, Neha decided to set up QWEEN with two of her friends with same passion. With QWEEN she aims at hitting on the gender disparity issue, and provides a platform to like- minded women to network, build and exercise their right to building their own careers.

Watch the full video here 

Start: 21 Jul, 2022 4 : 00 PM

End: 21 Jul, 2022 4 : 30 PM

Location: https://www.linkedin.com/video/event/urn:li:ugcPost:6953983851731779584/

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