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Marketing Manager - Partnerships

The Company are developing a range of mobile and web apps that will holistically address the needs of our users.

Work from Home ( Till Pandemic Situation)

Work location: Bangalore

Job Description:

1. Research across the online and offline ecosystems and create a pool of partners that
the SriMandir brand could associate with. Strong focus required on Youtube

2. Do regular outreach and connect with the prospective partners 

3. Create innovative partnerships with these - from content integrations to building
content together with them basis the partner’s strengths and SriMandir’s interest

4. Crack the best possible deals with these partners and formalise the partnerships
through agreements etc.

5. Manage the partnerships while they are live - ensure that everything is delivered as
per the aligned promises.

6. Set up data processes and measure the impact of every partnership. Close the
feedback loop with this data and revise the strategy. 

7. Build a long term sustainable brand of SriMandir via these partnerships and ensure
that the brand sees benefits of the same in the long run. 

Skils Required:

1. Research skills - The role requires one to be always on the lookout for the next best
partner - so ability to identify the right partners through research will be key. 

2. Hustle / Business development capabilities- The role requires one to be crack
deals with many partners periodically hence it is important to have hustle to reach out to
many partners and close the partnerships too. 

3. Creativity / Hackiness - The role requires you to think creatively in terms of the
nature of the partnership and how will the SriMandir brand go out. Hence, good
understanding of what works on platforms like Youtube and creatively thinking in terms of
campaigns is necessary. 

4. Data backed / Financial discipline - There should be strong focus on managing
spends and keeping the costs in-control by the way of good deal structuring and measuring

5. General attitude / Mission alignment - Check on their general attitude and mission
alignment with our overall company mission.

  • Qualification:

    Any Graduate with Relevant exp

  • Job Type:


  • Salary:

    As per the Industry Standard

  • Location:

    Pan India,Pan India, - India

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To be the most preferred networking platform for women to help them cooperate, collaborate & grow together.