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them cooperate & collaborate

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Digital Marketing and Lead Generation

We are urgently looking to hire a candidate with a talent and passion for Digital Maketing and Lead Generation to assist in developement and delivery of new business opportunities.

This position would suit candidates with a strong background in SEO, content production, email marketing, affiliate marketing online PR, social media advertising and campaigns.

Key responsibilities:

- Planning, briefing, development & implementation of social media content  and digital marketing strategy/campaigns and promote them across all platforms

- Develop content for our brand and community including Youtube Videos and Instagram reels

- Work on PR initiatives and community building activities

- Analysis and presentation of digital marketing results

- Achieve effective web based marketing that allows business to generate & sell leads 

- Deliver high standard campaigns on time

- Improve performance through reporting & analytics.




  • Qualification:

    1 to 2 years of experience

  • Job Type:


  • Salary:


  • Location:

    Pan India,Pan India, - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India

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To be the most preferred networking platform for women to help them cooperate, collaborate & grow together.