Cassandra Admin ( Noida )

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Experience:  8 to 15 Years

Salary: Upto 18 LPA

Location: Noida

Key Responsibilities:

  • Hands-on experience in performance tuning Cassandra ring.
  • Optimize/tune Cassandra  databases & queries for high capacity
  • Perform database admin activities such as Cassandra  installation, backup, recovery, upgrade whenever required
  • Perform data migration whenever required
  • Write shell scripts to support specific requirements/automation
  • Perform database sizing estimates (capacity planning)
  • Provide consultation to development/management teams w.r.t. Cassandra
  • Node add/Remove/Decomission and DC add /remove in Cluster
  • Work as part of a team and provide 24*7 support whenever required
  • Good command over nodetool and cql
  • Work closely with Project leads, developers and validation teams during requirement analysis, design, development and testing phases w.r.t. Cassandra and Swift databases
  • Troubleshoot Cassandra  issues, maintain availability & scalability (replication, cluster) at production sites, labs and test-beds
  • Implement Cassandra DB schema & upgrade scripts (writing installation scripts, tables, indexes, etc.)


Role Proficiencies:

  • Strong command over Linux (commands, scripting, usage)
  • Strong experience with any of AWS / GCP / Azure. Familiarity with all.
  • Experience with monitoring (Opscenter/Newrelica) and analysis tools
  • Exposure to tools like Prometheus, Grafana etc
  • Understanding of Cassandra patterns, anti patterns and design
  • Data modeling experience with Cassandra
  • needs good sysadmin folks to manage, monitor and maintain their (huge) clusters.
  • Experience:

    8 - 15 Years

  • Salary:

    16 LPA - 18 LPA

  • Location:


  • Address:


  • Primary Skills:


  • Industry:

    Information Technology

  • Job Type:

    Full time

  • Degree:

    Any Graduate

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