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Numerology Workshop

Course details :

The class will twice a week

Lesson 1 –History of Numerology

Lesson 2-How to calculate( your life purpose in this life) Physic, ( your talents and skills ) 4 Pinnacles, Period Cycles ( what you can achieve during this period) Challenges ( your weak points that you need to work on ) and Name Numbers ( compatibility with your date of birth ) 

Lesson 3- Numbers from 1 to 9- relation between numbers and planets and in-depth study of planets, gems and remedies associated with the numbers  

Lesson 4 –Discussion on  Pinnacles and Challenges

Lesson 5- Numbers associated with the full Name, Heart Desire number, ( your passion) personality number, maturity number, ( your career) karmic debt numbers, 13,14,16,19,26( what you got from your last birth or past life) missing numbers, ( past life lessons to be learnt in this life) Master numbers 11,22,33 . What you did not achieve in your last birth and want to achieve in this life

Lesson 6
Careers associated with each number, Physical traits or attributes of each number , Finances, Health, relations/ marriage , migration , education , children etc 

Lesson 8- Monthly, Daily prediction and Yearly  Prediction with Personal years calculation 

Lesson 9- Compatibility of Numbers and planets 

Lesson 10- House Numbers, telephone numbers, Car numbers, bank accounts

Charges: Rs 25000/-

  • Date:

    31 Aug, 2020 - 30 Sep, 2020

  • Time:

    3 : 00 PM

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    , , -

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