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Technical Architect

You will have the opportunity to stay at the forefront of technology and apply a principled approach to software engineering, as well as having the opportunity to work on a wide range of interesting projects with our partners using Scala, Akka, Kafka, Kinesis, and Dynamo. We aim to build software that is distributed, reactive and scalable.
You will also have solid communication skills and will be able to interpret the intricacies of the business domain, whilst also offering technical support to Tech Leads & the Senior Team.

Job description:

- Battle scars from building reliable web-scale systems.
- Passion for building products used by hundreds of millions worldwide.
- Experience building large scale, high performance distributed systems.
- Excellent programming skills in Scala.
- Experience with Storm, Spark, Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, Riak, Neo4j.
- Experience with high availability systems.
- Blogger, Conference Speaker, Open Source Contributor.
➢ Primarily responsible for successful completion of the project on time, on budget,
specification with an objective to delight and satisfy customers
- Providing technical vision for project.
- Supervise and help the Project lead/ team members working with analysts on the
feasibility and workability of a conceptual design by taking high-level functional /
technical specifications prepared by the analyst and designing system components to
meet the stated need.
- Ensure project documentation is in place, complete, and of good quality and kept in
versioning tool
- Set architectural and design Guidelines and Checklist



- Excellent programming skills with Scala and an expert in Akka, Play and open source
frameworks OR Core Java, J2EE, Spring Framework, Spring boot kubernetes.
- Experience building large scale, high performance distributed systems.
- Experience with high availability systems.
- Proponent of Reactive Stack and its application to solve real world problems.
- Have used the RDBMS and NoSQL databases like MySQL/Oracle, MongoDB,
Cassandra, Neo4J , Riak for production ready software.
- Experience in application of principles of Architecture Design.
- Great problem solving skills .
- Promoter of Agile/Scrum, TDD and CI/CD best practices.

  • Qualification:

    12 to 16 years of exp as Tech lead Java

  • Job Type:


  • Salary:

    Up to 35 LPA

  • Location:

    Noida, Noida, - Noida , Uttar Pradesh , India

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