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SCALA developer - (with Akka/Spark/Lagom)

No of Positions - 2 Consultant & Sr Consultant 


A company that provides software solutions and services is looking to hire a SCALA developer.


Job description: 

- Demonstrable working experience with the Lightbend Reactive Platform, particularly Scala, Akka, Play and Spark/Lagom.

- Experience creating scalable and reactive web applications with modern frameworks such as Play, ScalaJS, AngularJS, ReactJS.

- Knowledge of applying object-oriented and functional programming styles to real-world software engineering problems.

- Demonstrable understanding of high-quality coding and testing practices.

- A strong understanding of continuous integration and continuous delivery practices.

- An appetite to learn new technologies and a drive for continual improvement.

- A keen interest in technology and self-improvement. Examples include having an active Github account or completing relevant Coursera courses.

  • Qualification:

    3 to 5 years of experience as a SCALA developer

  • Job Type:


  • Salary:

    As per industry standard

  • Location:

    NSEZ, Noida, NSEZ, Noida, - Uttar Pradesh , India

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