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Social Media Management- Publishing House

A well known publishing house in the business of promoting fresh literary talent through end-to- end book publishing and marketing services  is looking for competent  Social Media Managers

Expected work deliverables:1. Develop Social Media content for 90 days as per our guidelines

  • We will be providing the number of posts required to the freelancer(eg. 3 posts per day)
  • We will be providing Novel for Author Quotes.
  • We will assist freelancer in creating Content Strategy.
  • Content Strategy includes Target Market selection, daily no. of posts, types of posts and time of post and should be approved by us before creating Templates and Posts.

2. Create Templates for 90 days Posts

  • Author Post Templates should have template relate to book cover
  • Other Post should have Licensed Templates / reusable Templates

3. Create 90 days picture posts

  • Interactive Post
  • Author Quotes
  • Other Famous Author Quotes of similar Genre

4. Posting on Social Media(Facebook,Twitter)

  • Create Author page
  • Freelancer has to approve from us, scheduling time and daily post quantity
  •  Add catchy captions with post

5. FB Ads Activation + Maintaining

  •  Analyze and create Ads depending on Target Market and Duration of Ads
  • Increase Ads reach/engagement

6. Increasing Reach

  • Share/Retweet/Like Latest Relatable Events from other
  • Follow Famous / Moderately Famous Authors and their followers
  • Analyse daily likes and Retweets

7. Posting on other Social Media sites like Instagram

8. Report generation of increase followers weekly

  • Qualification:

    Good communication skills, Prior knowledge of SMM will be an added advantage.

  • Job Type:


  • Salary:

    Rs 15000/-to - Rs 18000/- per month based on profile of the candidate

  • Location:

    , , - India

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