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When it comes to financial inclusion and literacy, women fall far behind males. A stronger effort must be made to help women become financially independent and conscious.

We must all fight to educate people about financial literacy if we are sincere about creating and existing in a world where everyone has the freedom to dream, to work, and to feel financially secure. In this live event, we'll discuss how financial literacy can empower women and how it's essential to achieving gender equality in society.

About the speakers


1) Alpha Shah - 

Alpa has more than 25 years of experience working for several corporations, including TATA and the SBI group. In order to empower each individual, She founded her own venture Empower Education, which educates and empowers people from all walks of life on financial literacy.

She is in charge of Empower Education's educational programme called Financial Awareness Training, which has empowered more than 10 lac corporate workers, women entrepreneurs, professionals, and young people to develop their personal financial literacy.

She ran a women's empowerment programme in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, USA, Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore as part of her global initiative to spread financial literacy. She is particularly passionate about empowering women in money management because she is a female entrepreneur.

Alpa offers training programmes for women that prepare them to enter the financial era as compliant Financial Entrepreneurs and give them the confidence to do so.

Alpa was invited to speak at TEDx on the topic of "Every Youth Should Invest." being a nation-building initiative.

Alpa has gone digital and have many followers. She has her own You Tube and Podcast channel “Money ki Baat Alpa ke Saath”.

Alpa wanted to empower everyone on financial planning. She took the initiative and created an online course on Goal Based Financial Planning. Anyone can enrol for this course by visiting the website

Giving back is always an integral part of Alpa’s life. She helps all of them who approach her. But always felt how to reach those who cannot approach her. Rotary club was the way she found and herself chartered a club named “Rotary Club of Mumbai Inspire”. She was also the Charter President for the year 2020/2021

2) Neha Shah - Co-Founder at QWEEN
An independent girl since the age of 16, Neha spent her early years in NYC. After graduating from Baruch College, (City University of NY), having specialized in Finance and Accounting she worked with various corporate like GE, Phoenix Realty Group, BNP Paribas etc. in the Finance Sector. This early exposure to some of the most renowned corporations brought her face to face with the acute gender disparity in Indian Corporate culture, and she wished to bring equal opportunities dreams into reality. She always had a sense of social responsibility at her heart, and she would often volunteer to take care of terminally ill patients as well as spend time mentoring at Light House foundation. Having tasted the fruits of satisfaction while helping the not so fortunate early on in her life, Neha decided to set up QWEEN with two of her friends with same passion. With QWEEN she aims at hitting on the gender disparity issue, and provides a platform to like- minded women to network, build and exercise their right to building their own careers.

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Start: 18 Aug, 2022 4 : 00 PM

End: 18 Aug, 2022 4 : 30 PM


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To be the most preferred networking platform for women to help them cooperate, collaborate & grow together.