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Spring clean your wardrobe this monsoon in 5 steps


Sounds quirky, but this is the right time to rid your wardrobe of cob webs and clothes that you haven’t touched in ages. Reason? Most brands are running clearance sales, Diwali is around the corner, and new stock will be around soon. Before you buy new, you should get rid of the old stuff. But how to go about it?




Follow this step by step plan

  • Take out everything that is there in the wardrobe, do not spare any piece of clothing
  • Sort them out in colors or fashion trends- e.g. palazzos, skirts, dresses, kurtis, etc
  • Discard the colors or trends that are not in vogue, get a huge carton box which is going to be your discarded clothes box.
  • Keep the clothes which fit the following criteria-
    • It should enhance your figure and fits you well, a piece that makes you happy
    • It should be “in” trend or should be a timeless piece
    • It should go well with 2-3 mix and match ups, a utility piece
    • It is in good shape, no faded lines, exposed seams, and not something you cling to because it fits in a,b,c above
  • Finally, whatever you do, DO NOT go back to the carton . EVER, Just give it away, no matter how expensive or unused clothes have gone into it. Share with friends, or give them away at some orphanage.

Now you are ready to raid the latest discount sale. GO for it !!




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