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Five things to see before you chose a spalon

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This is a new term coined by a friend who runs an amazing salon. She likes to call it a combination of spa and salon, not your typical run of the mill beauty parlours or massage centres claiming to be the next big thing to spoil you silly.

So how do you know which one fits right for you? Here are 5 ticks that you should mark before choosing one, just walk in and observe for half an hour.



  1. The place is cleaned every half an hour- All hair and discarded material cleaned
  2. Instead of making you feel bad about “that tan” “these frizzy hair” they compliment you and talk to you with a smile, whatever the time of day
  3. When you select some service, which is expensive, someone tells you to go for a lesser priced service because it suits you more.
  4. You are not pushed to take a package, over sold on the idea of going for a 6 month’s or 12 month programme, and the most important;
  5. Where you are not made to wait. You take an appointment, you get a confirmation call 2 hours in advance, and if you make in time, you are taken care of in time.





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