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Five unique breakfast dishes ready in less than 5 minutes


Oats chickpea green Dosa


– Whip together oats, chickpea flour, spinach leaves, salt, pepper and some curd. Spread it on a hot girdle, your 5 minutes green dosa is ready.



Sweet Banana walnut panballs



– Churn ripe bananas, yoghurt, wholewheat flour, cinnamon powder, jaggery and walnuts together. Pour this batter in idli mould or an appe pan. Turn once, your five minutes pan-balls are ready



Bread samosas



– Flatten dry bread using a rolling pin, put filling of your choice like paneer, potatoes, cheese and corn, fold it in a triangle ,seal edges with a bit of water and cold milk. Toast them on a hot girdle.



Ragi and Jowar porridge



– In a non stick pan,put a cup of water to boil, add some ragi flour, jowar flour, and jaggery, stir continuously till it leaves sides, then add some ghee if you prefer. Finish it off with cardamom powder. Just before serving , add milk to reach desired consistency.



Dhokla Cups


– Add semolina, rice flour in equal measures in a cup, add curd, salt, pepper and cumin powder, mix well. Add a drop of oil, half a teaspoon of fruit salt , mix slowly. Put this cup in microwave for 2 minutes. Prepare tadka of mustard seeds, oil and curry leaves, take out the cup and add tadka. Your dhokla on the go is ready in 5 minutes.




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