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What's inside your Christmas Goodie Bag!


QWEEN brings to you some quirky ideas to add to your Christmas gift hamper for your loved ones! We understand its not easy to be a Santa and with your busy life, you are sure to miss out on fun if you do not have handy gifting solutions for the holiday season!

It’s that time of the year again — festive Christmas songs are playing on the radio, and the holiday mood is in the air. I hope you’re getting ready for the holiday season, because we at QWEEN can’t wait for the holidays to arrive!

So leave those boring recycled gifts, and try and gift something to bring out a smile on  the faces of your loved ones!

  1. Gift a DIY cookie/ Dessert Jar- This one is our favourite. It is a lovely gift to be had and shared with family of foodies. Premixed ingredients await butter and milk and a gentle bake inside the oven, which the entire family could do together. Beautiful, loving, and involves the whole family in.
  2. A Cart load of goodies to give away- Here is one thing that your loved ones would love to do. Bulk buy little onesies, sweaters, caps, mittens, shoes and toys. Put them all in a red gunny bag and put a tag- “I gift you the gift of sharing”. Add the address of nearest orphanage or a lower income group kids school or contact details of an NGO. Urge your friend to go to the place and distribute these goodies.The smile, happiness and joy in the eyes of little ones will surely be a lasting memory for your loved one!
  3. A full day pampering session- Your friend will kiss your feet for giving out this one! Take her kids away, book a home salon service for her and tell her that everything will be taken care of and she should just relax. Because her time to herself is the most beautiful gift you can give her.
  4. Join a cooking workshop together- QWEEN Mentor, TV Host & Celebrity Chef Rakhee Vaswani offers customised classes to suit all your requirements. You could choose your own cuisine or dishes ,select your date and time, opt for classes with your friends, and cook up your own storm in her state of the art studio! You can also gift it to a group of your friends who love to learn new techniques from the master herself..Thoughtful, isn’t it?
  5. Gift a fitness programme- Help the person you love in making their new year resolution of getting fitter stick. Gift them a nutrition cum weight loss programme. There are many programmes that are available online, Like the ones by QWEEN Mentor , author, fitness and nutrition expert Tanuja Sodhi. Your gesture is surely going to help them stay on course, as heath comes first for all of us! Better still, join one together so the two of you can stay inspired!
  6. A cool Photoshoot with your loved ones- Christmas is the time of the year when you can let your hair down, reflect on your one more trip around the sun, and ruminate with your friends about how you would like to start your next year.. What better way than having your loved ones out for a warm sunny lunch followed by a lovely photoshoot! Sounds good? Think of the memories you will make for a lifetime.

Christmas is the perfect way to end an year and usher in the new. Make a fresh start today with these handy tips and wow your loved ones in your quirky gifts!




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