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Five essentials for your make up kit

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Women do not really need a lot of stuff to make them look pretty. A smile, attitude, and confidence are their best friends to look great. But it never hurts to add a few diamonds and a dash of colour to add glamour.

We list 5 most essential makeup items that every qween should possess in her kit.

Lipstick/ colored lip gloss – Lipstick that can take you from morning to night without too much effort or a lip gloss which has a little tint in it suiting your skin color

Kajal/ Kohl – All women look nice in it, its just the right trick of applying that eludes them. Do some experiment at home, and come up with that perfect lining for your eyes. A smudgefree kajal/kohl pencil is a must have

Concealer – Concealer helps in hiding the blemishes instantly ,tired eyes , dark spots, etc can all be covered in a jiffy. Invest in one which is suitable for your skin type and climate.

Perfume – A good signature fragrance in a small bottle will help your mood.

Mint/spray/Mouthwash – You want your pearlies to shine bright, and a fresh breath will boost your confidence.




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