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10 tips to look and dress Slim

Shopping & Lifestyle

Tip 1 – Size

– Do not wear oversized outfits to hide your weight as they will only make you look bulkier.

– Do not wear undersized clothes as they will emphasize your weight.

– Wear clothes that are just right for you, even if you need to move to a new size.


Tip 2 – Disguise

– If you are heavier on the hips, go for a flattering A-line skirt instead of straight cuts and go for longer maxi skirts.

– The key is not to look baggy but appropriate.

– Counter the roundness in your body with straight lines in clothing.


Tip 3 – Emphasize

– For example if you have a slender neckline, wear a statement neckpiece to draw attention away from other problem areas.




Tip 4 – Separates

– Select separate pieces rather than one piece. This allows you to select the right size according to your body shape.

– Also do not wear extremely high or low rise waists. The waistband should be just below the belly button for a flattering fit.





Tip 5 – Colors

– Dark colors absorb less light, thus making you look slimmer. Use bright colors in smaller quantities.

– Monochromatic colors help create the same impact (colors from the same family)




Tip 6 – Patterns

– Avoid horizontal stripes as they create an illusion of a wider body as eyes move from side to side

– Opt for medium scale prints, nothing too small or too large.




Tip 7 – Innerware

– Supportive innerwear will help create illusions about body shape and size.



Tip 8 – Layering

– Layering actually helps hide weight contrary to popular belief.

– A structured jacket works wonderfully.

– Layering works to camouflage and create illusions




Tip 9 – Posture

– Standing straight will make you feel confident and you will look fit.

– Slouched shoulders only add more visual weight highlighting the roundness of your back and the bulge of your tummy.



Tip 10 – Lifestyle

– Over and above this, strive for a lifestyle change with the right food and exercise to reveal a fit and confident self.



Thanks to our mentor Ms. Greeshma Thampi for sharing these tips




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