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5 tricks to help you through effective time management

Working From Home

Our expert tips that can save you a lot of time, and headache! And the one thing that can save you buckets of time and free you up!

The most worrying feature of all time-saving gadgets is that they waste a lot of time!- Anonymous

Most of us battle with the notion of too much to do in too little a time. Lack of time to finish a task is the most common cause of stress to most women these days. In fact, to take it a step further , inability to finish anything on time is the biggest worry of most women.

The trend continues with men too, but since women are known as and always expected to be  multi-taskers, they hardly ever get any breathing space and most of their active time of the day gets spent in rushing from one activity to another.

QWEEN has some handy tips lined up just for you!  Whether you are a stay-at-home mother, or work from home or have a regular office job, all of you can rest assured following these tips will sort a lot of things for you.So take a deep breath and read on-

Tweet: Whether you are a stay-at-home mother, or work from home or have a regular office job, all of you can rest assured following these tips will
  • Time saving tip #1- List it all up- You heard it. The good old fashioned way of keeping a tab of to-do’s will help you in many ways. You would sleep easy, have a plan to follow, and will have a sense of accomplishment everytime you mark-“done” in front of a job.
  •  Time saving tip #2- Keep track of time wasters- Yes, you heard it right. Your time is wasted, every single day, you spend almost 2 to 3 hours on social media or networking sites. Without even realising what’s draining your clock you sometimes end up replying to messages on your instant messenger or chat groups. Keep a tab on all these time wasters. Schedule regular visits to networking sites and chat boxes, say every 2 hours for 10 minutes. Reduce the number of apps on your phone.And mute the push notifications,they are just that, they push you into no-work-wate-time zone. You don’t really need an app showing recipes of cocktails on a work day , right?  Keep a list of sites that are handy, just like you would keep a diary of important numbers , alphabetically sorted, in old days.
  • Time saving tip # 3- Stay away from bad habits- So, the first thing you feel like doing everytime you open your eyes is check your phone, right? Wrong! To take your mobile phone with you to bed and to washroom is only a way to delay the process you are supposed to follow, that is either sleep or nature’s call. When at home, treat your hand held smart phone like a landline phone wired to a desk. Take calls by going to the phone , saves you from being a couch potato and burns some calories while you finish the work you are doing. Do the same while you are working at office . And for messages, refer to Tip #2
  • Time saving tip # 4- Micro plan your hours- Okay, so most of your work is related to desk work like replying emails or messages on your phone. For a person like you, we suggest micro-planning. Micro-planning is nothing but breaking down every minute of your working hour into time-slots where a doable task is finished to achieve the desired target. So if it is reaching out to 6 customers in an hour, you give 10 minutes to each customer, in which you either email, message or call them depending on your need within a set time-frame. This type of micro-planning may get a little tedious initially, but once mastered, it will save a lot of hassles and 11th hour rush that bothers you
  • Time saving tip # 5 -Stay on course- Even if nothing goes as per plan, stay on course. You made a list, and out of 5 tasks allotted in the morning, only 3 got finished and rest are still due, come back to them after you have finished the allotted tasks for the afternoon.Sneak in some time out from every task going forward and use it to finish you work.

The best one we liked? Leave your phone away from time to time, you will be amazed at how much you could achieve in much lesser time you could think of!

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