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Chirkut Zindagi (Small Life)- Make it Grand!!


“It went just over my head, didn’t understand at all, why did we have to watch this movie?” This was my friend grumbling about the much awaited Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone starrer movie “Tamasha” last year. The reviews all around were the same, people were waiting for this movie post their break up, and all through it went around with looks that either people didn’t understand it, or didn’t want to acknowledge that it showed them a mirror, even if just for a few moments, they saw their own image and it was not something they liked…

Maybe the movie was too ahead of its time , or maybe we have stopped understanding the importance of knowing our true selves..I was quiet, as the movie somewhere tugged at some emotions. What I saw in the second part of the movie as Ranbir Kapoor, in a cast, a mould, is what I felt some years back when I was planning to quit my corporate job.

Deepika Padukone: Yeh tum nahi ho Ved, yeh sab nakli hai.(this is not you, Ved, This is all fake)

Ranbir Kapoor: Main woh Don thodi na hu Tara, woh toh acting thi na. Woh main ek role play kar raha tha aur yeh main real mein hoon.( I am not that Don Tara, that was acting, I was playing a role then, and this is the real ME”)

Deepika Padukone: Phir toh main kisi aur ke saath hoon Ved, main kuch aur dhoond rahi hoon –(Then I am with someone else Ved, I am looking for something else)

Who is the real you? The one who was a free spirited story teller or the one who sat down to work endlessly as a middle level marketing manager? Why one can’t have what one truly deserves?

The reason it happened was no one was there to listen to the protagonist who was  always in a dreamland. The desire to leave the “chirkut zindagi” the way he wanted was so strong that he had to kill his soul to face the harsh realities of life.

Making a career is more important than doing what you love, and that’s how second careers, burn outs and sometimes total collapses of personalities happen.

What if someone told you, after spending 10 years in a job that you are not fit for this, and you should try something else? Would it be easy? Would you be able to break the routine you moulded yourself into, and get into the danger zone?

Tweet: What if someone told you, after spending 10 years in a job that you are not fit for this, and you should try something else? Would it be eas

Funny, it was never a danger zone in first place, the zone was where you were “YOU” , your most real self, something that you always wanted to be. But who made you realise it? No one!

“I wish I had more time to do this work”

“I always wanted to do that, but I am stuck up with this job”

“I am not giving even 20% of what I can to my life”

“Only if someone told me which way to go and I will be giving my 100% I will follow it”

“I wanted to be an artist, I wish someone had told me I had potential and could have done it only if I had a chance then”

Have you ever felt any of these?

Most of us have a feeling of dissatisfaction with what we are doing at the moment. Some of us have the ability (and guts) to actually break the barrier and start moving towards the other side where grass is greener, but rest of us just keep on living the days as they come.

Burdened with unfinished desires, hopes and aspirations, we enter into the world of parenthood, and kind of push our children into same grind. When a child tells he doesn’t want to write  or draw, we start telling them the importance of it so that he/she could get into a reputed school. A slightly grown up child frets over Math or Science, but scared of letting them choose their own careers, we push them into endless tuitions, extra classes etc only to make sure they clear an exam created by adults to check their rote learning, and grab a certain degree to reach a certain job, only to live into the same grind and ask the same questions from themselves as we are doing right now.

Why?Is it not necessary that our children get to do what they are really good at doing and NOT what we think is good for them? What if they were not cut-out for the rigors of corporate life, and could have excelled at something else?

Realise the power of your mind- Are you living up to your potential?

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