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How to get work even if you have zero work experience

Working From Home

The year was 2015. Freshly graduated, Nita had a lot of dreams about her career. And then it happened. Her father finally found a good match for her. Everything was picture perfect. For some time, Nita also forgot that she had planned a career ahead. Happily married, first few years went away in settling in new routine and getting used to married life. Motherhood followed, and slowly all her past life was relegated to old albums and faint memories.

One day, at a school reunion, she met a friend. Her friend was working with an MNC. Nita was struck by her personality, and found herself a little pulled down by the fact that despite scoring better throughout, she had nothing much to say about what she is doing. Though she knew she was doing far more work as a homemaker, she suddenly realised that all her hard work during her school and college days amounted to nothing.Instead of feeling good and positive after the reunion, she came back depressed.

Sounds familiar? Is it your story or of someone you know? Read on…

Never one to give up, she decided to look for opportunities. Every afternoon, she would sit down and look for opportunities in newspapers, as well as online. Though she was skeptical that most of the jobs might want some kind of prior work experience, she was delighted to learn that it was never too late to start working again.





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Vedshree Reply

September 23, 2020

Very nycly written.

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