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Time Investment Strategies in the Digital Era


We all have 24 hours for us, then why are some Millionaires and Billionaires and some are still figuring out how to survive by the end of the month and pay their bills timely?

This is one very powerful question that we need to ask ourselves every now and then. Let us jot down some Time Investment strategies so we can save more time for ourselves:

  1. Calculate your Hourly worth which is Total Earning/2000 (which is the number of hours we work in a year). Once you get your hourly worth, consciously decide whether what you are doing is worth it or not.
  2. Figure out ways to multiply your time and use time more effectively to deliver better.
  3. ROTI i.e. what is the Return on Time Investment. Every activity that you do has a ROTI, be careful about the same.
  4. Break your day wisely and work in Chunks.
  5. Prepare a TO-DO list a night before and revise it again in the morning, by doing this you have planned your day in advance.
  6. once you are on some important and critical task, put a timer on your mobile and keep it away from you, until the mobile rings and you have done your work do not be tempted to check your mobile every now and then.
  7. Practice a healthy routine day, plan it and execute it.
  8. Be self-disciplined and once you commit to yourself abide by what the commitment is and finish it.
  9. Make your own rules do not follow others if you can not, but the rules that you make for yourself should be constructive and result oriented.
  10. Try to stay from any sort of Distractions as long as you can.
  11. Identify the tasks that can be eliminated, out-sourced and delegated to save your time and work on things that are on priority.
  12. Be self-centered, give a minimum of 30 mins of Me Time to yourself to reflect and introspect about the entire day.
  13. Get into a learning habit of what you NEED to know and what is GOOD to know. Your 70% priority should be Need to know and 30%over good to know.
  14. Make a To-do list, Not to-do List, To achieve list. This settles the day with more space for you to achieve more.
  15. Always start your project or task or meeting with an agenda and time. An agenda will give clarity and a pre-defined time will save the day for you to work on other commitments as well.

These simple steps can save your time and you can invest your time in other commitments and self-development process.

- By Neha Tripathi (Host, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer)���





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