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Redefine your Education


Getting a degree, a certification, information, placement, package is yes a part of our need, but education is much beyond what we have been learning in our schools and colleges. Educational Institutions have since years been imparting the knowledge that is no more relevant and is very much controversial.

Let us face the challenges that are encountered when we are certified but not Educated:

  • A highly certified individual getting stuck in mid-career
  • A certified lady unable to relaunch into the workforce
  • When we are not able to differentiate between job and career
  • When we are unable to pursue our passion or even identify our passion
  • A well-read individual victim of domestic violence
  • When parents decide the career of the child and not the child himself
  • When we step back in investing in our own self-development
  • When we do not travel the world to understand the other side of challenges

and the list is on...

So again Education is much beyond what we have received from our schools and colleges. Learning is a lifetime process, the moment we stop ourselves getting exposed to new situations or challenges, we are bound to fall. Each one of us wants a thriving career, healthy life, financial freedom and abundance in their own lives, then what is the limiting belief that holds us back from achieving?

Let us, deep dive, a little deeper on what makes us educated as an individual:

  1. Get more clarity on what you want to achieve
  2. Be more self-aware of what is happening outside an well as inside of you
  3. Get into morning rituals that will imbibe and help you emerge as a performer
  4. Be more of a person who takes charge of your own life
  5. Do not succumb to challenges
  6. Treat every problem as a thread to a gateway to a better version of you
  7. Take risks in your life that moves you out of your comfort zone
  8. Do not limit your thoughts to what society approves, let them follow your blueprint
  9. Be a changemaker first for your own life and then think through how you can bring a visible change into the society
  10. The journey you have traveled is a solution to others life who are stuck, be open to sharing your journey
  11. Invest in yourself and evolve as an authority
  12. Be a mentor, someone definitely needs your guidance no matter where you are
  13. Get a mentor who can invest his time to walk your journey with you
  14. Have a flexible mindset and never choose to stuck with a closed mindset
  15. Set goals for yourself that seem impossible to you and align your focus to achieve that
  16. Never kill your passion nor your dreams, Dreamers are the ultimate achievers
  17. Be creative in your thought process
  18. Before you quit, ask "what I can do to get that" instead of telling yourself you do not deserve
  19. Never hesitate to ASK what you deserve, until you ask you will never get that
  20. Get into a Circle of Influence that believes in you, leave the rest, redefine your circle because that will define you ultimately

So the time has come to move beyond your definition of Education.


- By Neha Tripathi (Host, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer)




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