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Tarot Reading- 5 steps to a healing and satisfying profession


Modernisation has brought with it a host of problems. The level of stress has increased and hence people are turning to new-age healers for solutions.
Ask any lifestyle magazine or newspaper, their mailbox is filled with readers’ letters for tarot card readers asking for solutions to their daily problems.
Today, a tarot reader’s studio is always buzzing with people from all walks of life seeking readings for stress management, meditation, healing and solutions to their problems.
Tarot card readers are required everywhere, from television and radio to events, cultural programmes, social gatherings, kitty parties, and so on. Besides, the corporate sector, event management companies, sports, appoint tarot card readers before a new launch, event or game.

Modern India is experiencing a whole range of career options and one such new-age career with bright prospects, but still unexplored, is tarot card reading. With people getting more restless to know what their future holds, palm-readers, numerologists, astrologers and tarot card readers are prospering.

Who is a Tarot Reader?
A tarot card reader predicts the future of clients by reading tarot cards and also suggests remedies to their problems. Tarot reading revolves around the fact that the cards can be used to gain insight into the current and possible future situations of the client.
The images on tarot cards energize and help identify problems and solutions. A good tarot reader not only reads the cards but also endeavors to awaken the inner self of the client. Each card has a variety of symbolic meanings that have evolved over the years.

What does one need to be a Tarot Reader?

Here’s a list of attributes and skills you need to focus on to become a really good reader. These are guidelines, rather than rules.

  • Be a good listener. You are not there to demonstrate your awesome skill, you are there to give your client some much-needed support. Hear what they are saying, repeat it back to them in your own words, if necessary. Really try to understand their point-of-view. Just as importantly, you must also be able to be objective and see the situation neutrally.
  • Know your cards as well as you possibly can. Improve your knowledge on a daily basis by drawing a card a day, keeping a tarot journal, reading many books and talking to other tarot readers. Practice, practice, practice. These things are not chores, they are part of the process of learning the tarot.
  • You need some measure of counselling skills. You might be instinctively good at dealing with people, especially if you have a lot of life experience. You should know if you can be direct with a client, or whether you need to be more circumspect. Some people like their readings ‘straight’, some are terrified of hearing bad news. Senses are heightened during a reading; that person is completely focused on your words so remember that something you say might fix itself in the seeker’s mind for the rest of their life. Look into acquiring a basic counselling qualification.
  • Be a good communicator. You must enjoy interacting with people, and you must be able to get your message across in such a manner that you are not misunderstood. Don’t overpower the seeker with tarot jargon. They don’t care much about the tarot itself, they are only interested in the situation that they are consulting you about. If you can get them to really look at the card and express how it makes them feel, then you are doing really well.
  • Work on developing your intuition. This will come the more you practice. Try doing tarot readings for unfolding news stories. See how the cards reflect real life situations. Play tarot games. There are many books, websites and courses available that provide exercises for the budding reader. 

How much can one expect to earn as a tarot reader?

The earning depends on the kind of work and project a tarot reader is working on.Remuneration is not usually fixed. A beginner can charge between Rs 100-500 for half an hour. Experienced tarot readers can charge from Rs 2,000-5,000. For bigger projects like real estate and construction companies, one can even charge Rs 10,000-15,000 per project.

Tarot Reading is a satisfying profession involving a lot of give and take, and like healers and therapists, it is a very rewarding profession for those who practice it with full energy and honesty. Many people today face issues that they are unable to handle by themselves, and a good tarot reader can guide them in a way they can accept the reality of their problems and strive to work hard to overcome them.

QWEEN provides extensive tarot reading workshop, which is an extensive 3 month course on  tarot card reading skills and little bit of numerology according to your birth dates. You will be able to know the nature of that person and his or her past present and future. This is relevant for 6 months of that particular person. It helps to bring positiveness in that person also.




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